Getting your next IT cert is an important first step. But it’s only the beginning… 

Well, not really the beginning. The first step was when you got over your fear of success and ordered that overwhelmingly technical textbook and made the call to start your training. (Good for you!) However, there’s more involved in turning your IT certification into your desired job. 

Next steps are addressed in a service provided in every Global Networks Academy educational package, Professional Development. Professional Development involves increasing your industry education and certification and maturing your technical capabilities while developing the professional skills you need to advance in your career. It is important to us that you don’t just leave your Global Networks Academy course with a well-respected certification and the technical knowledge to back it up, but that you also have the support you need to feel confident to enter the job market and score a position that utilizes your new skills. 

The Professional Development services at Global Networks center around two important features of your career education: resume building and interview preparation. 


Resume Building 

Your resume is your initial introduction to your future employer. It’s important to make a good impression. Creating a resume that is unique to the position you are applying for is an art in itself. Even if you think you don’t have any previous IT-related work history, a properly crafted resume can weave a tech-focused narrative through your work experience that tells your future employer how your past performance makes you a great fit for the position.  

At Global Networks Academy of Technology, we pride ourselves in the support we give to students post certificate exam completion. We will guide you through the process of finding a home on your resume for your shiny new cert and tailoring your experience to present you as a great candidate for your new job! 


Mock Interview 

Just having an impressive resume is not enough. It’s also crucial that you can speak about the details of your resume. Can you answer questions based on your technical knowledge? Can you give an eloquent response to questions about your work experience and communicate with the interviewer what value you will bring to their company? 

Mock interviews can prepare you for these potentially unnerving on-the-spot conversations. Global Networks Academy staff will create an environment that simulates an actual interview experience. Staff will play the part of your future interviewer and you can practice speaking about your IT certification and your well-prepared resume. 


Global Networks is here to support as you plot a course towards your new career. Let us know how we can help.