Success built on the ability to establish solutions that are based on sound security principals and deployed by industry experts.


Our team's in-depth knowledge of technology products, implementation methods and how to secure them, has been critical to our overall success.


We always strive to deliver superior levels of reliability and confidence to all of our clients.


Effective & Efficient Information Technology Products, Services and Solutions

We differentiate ourselves by hand picking individual team members that are the best in the industry. Global Networks
Inc. (GNI) has realized the change of focus to deploying security solutions and has focused and developed
effective and streamlined processes to implement them. GNI is committed to becoming a leader in promoting
premier security products, services, and solutions thereby, contributing to the efforts of reducing cyber security related crime globally.




Global Networks Inc’s goal is to build an effective training program that provides the opportunity for our students to excel in their careers. GNI has trained thousands of individuals on everything from industry standard certifications to highly specialized technical deficiencies. GNI has a strong foundation in the industry as a provider of IT Security related services. Therefore, we focus on sharing our in-depth knowledge of what’s going in the industry today.


Global Networks Inc. is a Maryland based corporation dedicated to Electronic Security, Information Technology (IT) products, Information Assurance (IA), and Cyber Security, and the marketing of advanced technology security solutions, services, and products.